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This web consultation is exist for the people who has questions or needs second opinions for Orthodontic treatment.


If you have any questions or troubles, please feel free to ask me.
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    - ひろ矯正歯科 院長 -

  • Lingual Biomechanics/bending wire

    2011/04/01 01:30 投稿者:Giuseppe [xxx.241.123.115]

    Ciao Toshi,
    of course I'm still unhappy for my Congress cancellation.
    As you know I am already practising lingual since I came to Japan last year.
    Now I put upper 16X22 TMA arch wire, with mushroom shape. I need to open space and move mesially the right upper teeth, to centre the upper midline ( that actually is on the right about 2mm, due to extraction of 1.4 in a previous orthodontic therapy).
    My question is: should I do "adjusting" bends on the wire at this point, while I put open coe spring to open the space and move mesially the teeth? Or I can wait, open the space, and make "adjusting" bends?

    thank you very much for your precious advices!

    P.s. At this point of my practise, I really needed your course!

    Ciao Master!
    Ciao, Giuseppe,

    I am so sorry that you can not come at this time, too.
    I had been looking forward to seeing you in my office, and had a dinner with you.
    Dr. Decker, Professor and chairman of University Paris V, Dr. Becker, and their friends would come to my office and had a dinner party on 29th, but they couldn't come because of Nuclear Power Plant Accident.

    My practice will be continued at least next 15 years, so I welcome your visit again anytime.
    Next time I will take you sightseeing!

    For the treatment, sorry but I am not sure what I would do.
    If you use Open coils, the incisors will flare out.
    Show me the picture with e-mail or Skype, and I will able to make better comments.

    I will head to Osaka in this afternoon and I will have Pre-Congress course tomorrow.
    The report will soon be updated in my Blog.
    Keep in touch!



    - ひろ矯正歯科 院長 -

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